Welcome to the fledgling Life Is Melody site; a hybrid e-zine/blog comprised of four sections:

  • Outlooks -Tao/Zen/Buddhist vignettes, humor;
  • Lifestyle -holistic, tech and general life topics;
  • Socio·Politics -society, progressive social change;
  • Arts/Expression – music, fine arts, the creative spirit

Life Is Melody was started by main contributor and admin Jeff Creamer, an enthusiast and proponent of all 4 sections’ topics for over two decades. Best known for his inventive guitar and multi-media soundscapes, wit and a career in the natural foods/supplements field, Jeff also helped to pioneer a sport (double- and triple-frisbee), a musical sub-genre (cyberfolk/space folk) and a career track change for himself learning WordPress (are open-source CMS’s the new indie rock?).

The beta version of the site will run from July 2012 through 2013. We’ll be starting off mostly with the ‘Outlooks’ and ‘Arts/Expression’ sections, but will also be having some feature articles along the way in the other content areas. There’ll be some more design and format changes over the next few months too, as well as more integration of Taoist/Zen lit, audio and other writers.

Hopefully among the various topics, articles, sayings and op-eds, you’ll find something that resonates or entertains. Thanks for dropping by.

animated music note hovering over a tract of grass