Buddha-Nature; Nothing Meritorious

“I do nothing meritorious, but the Buddha-nature manifests itself. This is not because of my teacher’s instruction, nor is it due to any attainment of mine.”

-Chang Hangchang

Buddha-nature, Buddha-mind, is always here. Likewise, Tao, the course of things (The Way or whatever you would like to call it), is always there here. Whether you’re immersed in it or unaware it even exists, seeking it or avoiding it, samaritan or scoundrel; It (the non-dual, non-it) is always here. Not because of something you did or learned or thought, not because of what someone else learned, did or thought. It manifests regardless. Just so…



2 thoughts on “Buddha-Nature; Nothing Meritorious

  1. Well put, mario. What mind? What practitioner?

    Yet for many folks, a teacher and a system of discipline or practice can be helpful for a full realization of what is inherently already there/not there. Discard that walking stick after the journey lest it turn into a crutch.


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