Welcome to the beta version of the Life Is Melody.com site; a hybrid e-zine/blog touching on: Eastern philosophy and humor;¬†natural health and lifestyle topics;¬†progressive social change; and last but certainly not least for a site with ‘melody’ in its moniker, Arts and the creative spirit.

We’ll be starting off mostly with the ‘Outlooks’ section (zen, humor, etc) and its Reading Room, but during the summer there will start to be posts in the other sections as well. Test uploads will stay on board as placeholder content, and there’ll be some more design changes over the next few months too.

Hopefully among the various topics, articles, sayings and op-eds, you’ll find something that resonates or entertains. The site will have a light posting schedule, but should slowly build up a nice collection of material, provide some unique perspectives and have some outside contributions as well along the way. We hope you’ll drop on in from time to time.

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