Life Is Melody’s September 2012 update

Howdy. So here we are beginning our third month of activity/’beta ops’ at Life Is This month sees the launch of The Billionaire’s Cap series: a contest, hat and economic policy idea all rolled into one. The Outlooks section will continue adding material from Chuang Tzu to the Reading Room, and some of the upcoming Zen offerings will be from Hui-Neng. In the natural health/home related topics, aka the Lifestyle section, there will be an intro to wheatgrass article for October to continue in the green superfoods vein from last month. Also coming up in late September or early October, I’ll put up some live Swervedriver I recorded from their second ‘reunion’ 10-date U.S. tour this year and introduce a really cool slide guitar tuning to try in the Arts/Expression section.

There’s some design changes coming down the pike too, most likely around the six month mark.


*     *     *     *

With 650,000,000 websites out there, we appreciate that you stopped by, even if it was most likely by accident, lol. And of course, a big shout out to all the bots, scrapers and spiders out there tirelessly crawling the web like legions of invisible replicators with nary a penny or word of thanks to show for it. Thanks for reading, have a safe bounce.

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