Mars ‘interactive’ Panorama

Well, Curiosity’s second day of NASA pics have been stitched together by panographer Andrew Bodrov and posted on 360cities to offer a full panoramic view of what the rover can see. He did a wonderful job and included direction and height toggling controls, zoom in/out capability and it even works with tilting on some mobile devices. Just click the red button and choose fullscreen view. You can just imagine the cool video ‘walks’ we’ll be able to take out across the surface in the future.

When the future becomes the present. Like today. Pretty neat stuff as we start to explore the red planet.

link to NASA site

Sept. 29 update: the 360cities panorama was recently taken down, so the top link should connect you to the nasa site for further Curiosity images of Mars. The bottom link is to the original 360-degree panorama should it go online again.

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