Quirky Cuisine: Three Strange Meals


beggal in a basket

Beggal in a nest. I first tried this by cutting out the center of both the top and bottom halves of a begal, but found it easier to leave the bottom one intact for better stacking the second time I tried it. Sesame, onion or everything bagel, one free-range large brown egg, 1-2 slices of cheddar or swiss cheese, butter for cooking.

You put the bagel top half in your skillet and crack and cook the egg in it while the bottom half of the bagel goes in the toaster. After the egg is cooked, reduce the heat to low and put the (toasted) bottom half in the skillet or on a toaster oven tray. Put a slice of cheddar or swiss across it and then place the bagel top half (with egg) over it. Warm at a low enough temp to not further fry or toast the bagel, but enough to melt the cheese.







Blueberries, Quinoa, rice and tomato slices. Wait; what? A heated combo of rice and quinoa with xyz seasoning. Chilled tomato slices and whole organic blueberries added during serving. The grains are cooked and hot. The produce is cold and raw. You can mix them together or keep the tomatoes and blueberries segregated like it’s a poor man’s 3-course dinner and flit between the temperatures and tastes as your palette dictates.

A strawberries and sprouts sandwich pic from Life Is Melody

A strawberries and sprouts sandwich

Strawberry and sprouts sandwich. (Reprise; see original inclusion here.) Two layers of cut strawberries, a 5-sprout blend, some mayo and lightly toasted sprouted grain bread. The key here was cutting the strawberries into thick slices and carefully double stacking them so that they won’t slip out the side of the sandwich when the bread is squeezed together.

Ask yourself why you did such experiments while you consume your Beggal in a nest or strawberry sandwich, with adequate gusto, while pondering life’s problems and solutions. What other inventive or unholy pairings exist between the kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator?

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