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Welcome to the Life Is Melody “Outlooks” Reading Room. Here you will find various excerpts from Taoist, Zen, Mahayana, Gnostic, etc traditions presented in uncluttered easy-to-read formats. -A good spot to visit once in a while; to explore, re-charge your batteries, or take a brief timeout from business, tech and news. Enjoy!

Reading Room List (more coming soon):


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The material found here is simply meant for: the enjoyment of the casual reader, as a partial refresher or reminder (re-‘no-mind’-er) to those who have spent time with the material in the past, or as a stepping stone to greater study for those with newly piqued interest in any of the philosophical traditions presented herein. They say that the next great ‘wave’ of Buddhist and Zen thought will come from the West, so we’re giving you a heads up on some of that material (and other traditions) in case you haven’t come across it yet.

We do not advocate the use of any organized religion. Any use, misuse, interpretation or misinterpretation of any text resulting in, but not limited to, befuddlement, satori, lessened anxiety or actual bodily harm is solely the responsibility of the reader. The Outlooks Reading Room only aims to provide an inspiring respite conducive to reflection, mischief, humor and no-mind.