Chuang Tzu: Scrambled About

There was a hunchback named Scrambled About. His chin touched his navel. His shoulders were taller than his head. His neck bone stuck upward toward the sky, his internal organs were scrambled about, his butt was as high his ribs. By mending and washing clothes, he was able to earn his living. By sifting rice he could make enough to support a large family.

When officers came to town, conscripting able-bodied villagers for military service, he was not given a second glance. When government officials came recruiting men and women for infrastructure projects, his condition saved him from being called. However, when it came to government donations of grain and fuel for the disabled, he received as much as three bags of rice and several satchels full of firewood. And if a strange physique allowed him to preserve his body until the natural end of his days, how much more might it be for one whose mind is strange and uncommon!

-Chuang Tzu: chapter 47