Senator Elizabeth Warren: Asking Sensible Questions

While I’m still in shock that we have at least two senators that actually ‘get it’, it’s still depressing that we have more than seventy (I’m simply being kind) who don’t. Throw in several generations of industry insiders taking over regulatory roles, embedded corporatists throughout our judicial system, news agencies and government, and it’s a wonder that government hearings on accountability even happen.

Help isn’t going to come from the Right, nor the center. It never has. You can go all of the way back to the Boston Tea Party; authoritarians, conservatives and fence-sitters didn’t participate. Sorry, modern day “tea party”-types. Regressives don’t assist progress.

And only when it’s obvious and opportune to do so will many in the center or the average John/Jane pile on. They don’t have the gumption to transcend, on their own, the thirty years of lies that have been hammered into their brains by entities like the Heritage Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, RW hate radio, etc since the Reagan years. Some simply like playing it safe and waiting to see who is going to be the eventual winner before declaring their support.

Others show more promise, however. Show them compelling evidence, and the hallucinatory fog of regressive talking points evaporates. Explain the convoluted mess in a way that makes sense to the average person and you can start to wake up the sleepwalkers of America.

And that’s what Elizabeth Warren has been doing for the last five years since arriving on the national scene: asking sensible questions, and unraveling the purposefully obscure financial and legal terminology that keeps Americans from finding out just what’s going on, and putting it into plain-speak for all of us to understand.

Here is the first part (14 minutes) of her recent appearance at the “Outsourcing Accountability” Banking Committee hearings dealing with the foreclosure mess, the regulators and consumer protection. Even on most progressive sites and all over YouTube, you’ll only find the standard 4-5:00 video excerpt. But you deserve more; how else are you going to wake up the sleepwalkers?

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