America Died. Again?

Every few years, the United States ceases to exist; or at least is no longer the country it “always was” just a few days prior. Tallying up the numerous obituary notices given by both the left and the right over the years, the country has died approximately twenty times in the fifty-odd years between the assassination of JFK and the Citizens United ruling. And now it’s happened again.

I’m sure you’ve heard the news from the TV talking heads of reason and your conservative relatives and co-workers: America is dead. Kaput. Finished. Time to fire all of the workers. Time to guard your firearms. Time to escape this nation of government-suckled welfare cheats gorging on caviar with their monthly $140 SNAP checks, living high on the hog with their expired unemployment benefits in their cush poverty-stricken neighborhoods going on about universal health care, global warming and letting historically low tax rates on the rich expire.

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