Senator Bernie Sanders’ Appeal to Traditional (1945-1981) American Values

There haven’t been too many real interviews with Bernie Sanders this election season.¬†Outside of his regular appearances with Thom Hartmann on their long-standing¬†“Brunch with Bernie” series, when the MSM do deign to have him on, at around a hundredth of the time allotted to a certain real estate mogul and reality TV star, he’s either constantly marginalized or asked an endless stream of questions about Trump and Clinton, the two world famous candidates who fuel the networks’ ratings, instead of allowed to have serious policy discussions.

So it was a pleasure to see him appear on The Young Turks program the other day, even if the questions didn’t often stray from the current state of the race. I wish he could have stayed for an hour. Neither Cenk, nor the rest of us, would have minded at all.

Sanders hit a big trifecta this weekend, winning in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii by enormous margins, making it five contests in a row now where he’s won almost every single county precinct in those elections.

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