David Munford on Life Is Melody

A big thanks to contributor David Munford for the use of his holiday-themed animated .gif that we had in the header during the last week of 2012. Dave honed his art chops in Colorado and Boston before migrating to upstate New York, where he continues to paint, draw and do cartoons. His most recent project was a gallery exhibit showing of some of his plein air paintings in November and December of 2012. We’ll have more of Mr. Munford’s stuff featured here in 2013.

In the process of re-sizing his holiday .gif to fit into the dimensions of our site’s header, we became aware of the animation ‘clogging up’ on Safari browsers (although it worked okay in Firefox and Chrome), so we decided to just publish a still from the animation. We’re going to pull down the header still frame on January 2, but thought you might enjoy the animation if you didn’t get to see it working earlier. Here’s the file with its original dimensions: