Hui-neng: Words and Letters

*     *     *

 When asked how he could understand the Sutras even though he was illiterate, didn’t have a proper teacher and could not even know the meanings of the [Mahayana Sanskrit] words, young Huineng replied, “The profound meaning of all the Buddhas has no connection with words and letters.”

*     *     *

New Additions to Life Is Melody’s Reading Room section


Since new additions to certain parts of the site don’t show up on the front page or in the ‘recent posts’ categories, I’ll occasionally list them in an ‘aside’ or site update post.

There’s some new entries in the Outlooks’ Reading Room section: Chuang Tzu’s exposition on the ideal ‘True Person’ of ancient times, Goddard’s preface to A Buddhist Bible which delves into a little of the roots and history of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism, and Hui-neng’s autobiographical tale from illiterate ‘country bumpkin’ (h/t A. Watts) to becoming the Sixth Patriarch in a direct line from Bodhidarma.