Seasonal Dependency

It’s a relatively tough existence being made of water. Water in of itself is most likely used to the drill; a liquid drop, a collective puddle or a cumulative roaring ocean in moderate climes, converting to steam and evaporation in hot and dry temperatures, and taking on solid form as snow and ice in the bitter cold. But what about lifeforms made up primarily of water? Approximately 60% of an adult human is made up of that hydrogen/oxygen combo, and 3/4 of the surface of our planet is water. And none would disagree that both humans and the Earth are having a bit of a tough go of it, although much of that rests on the former.

But imagine being made of 98.5% water (plus a combined 1.5% scarf, carrot and charcoal) and being dependent on both a willing human and a suitable temperature range to even exist. Toss in the fact that they’re an annual species whose life expectancy only spans a single season, and that there is no accounting for taste when mom only lets you use the household’s most expendable scarf to adorn your snow creation, and you can see why snowmen and snowwomen across the country have a bit of the blues.

Cartoon by DCMunford.

DM end sno-man



Munfy Toons: Will Code for Food

Here’s DCMunford’s cartoon this month:

Homeless person with laptop: Will code for food

Because I think we can all agree that “Will code for food to be able to sell it for money to then get art supplies so that I can paint and then try to sell some paintings for rent and food so that I’ll have a roof over my head where I can then continue to learn and improve my coding skills to be able to then go out and code for more food” would just be too big-ass of a sign.

David Munford on Life Is Melody

A big thanks to contributor David Munford for the use of his holiday-themed animated .gif that we had in the header during the last week of 2012. Dave honed his art chops in Colorado and Boston before migrating to upstate New York, where he continues to paint, draw and do cartoons. His most recent project was a gallery exhibit showing of some of his plein air paintings in November and December of 2012. We’ll have more of Mr. Munford’s stuff featured here in 2013.

In the process of re-sizing his holiday .gif to fit into the dimensions of our site’s header, we became aware of the animation ‘clogging up’ on Safari browsers (although it worked okay in Firefox and Chrome), so we decided to just publish a still from the animation. We’re going to pull down the header still frame on January 2, but thought you might enjoy the animation if you didn’t get to see it working earlier. Here’s the file with its original dimensions: